ONYX Collection

Carpet code : 903701


ONYX Collection is produce by special fiber of Acrylic and Viscose which is a fine, soft and luxurious fiber to give striking colors as well as excellent stain resistance which gives the appearance and feel of silk with more than 2.000.000 points knotted on the back side of the carpets . Every modern minimalist house should feature an array of floor textiles and great carpet for quiet visual plays and for added originality and richness throughout. Take in how the minimalist living room above be shine with a complete harmony with interior space,By using our ONYX COLLECTION carpet we create full modern soul in any type of buildings whether old nor new built.Creating minimal space with minimal carpet in your interior allows you to show off your beautiful furniture, artwork and most prized possessions. A minimalist carpet can improve the visual appeal of your space as well as your decorative elements