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About Us

Joux Trgovina Trading Company Doo

We provide all type of Persian Carpet with the best quality of Machine-Made and also Hand-Made Carpets for the first time in Serbia, we are going to inform you that this special product has started a new era in the modern carpet industry. This unique carpet has been woven by the latest state of the art machinery technology. The significant process performed on the raw materials and the specific texture in the resultant product, combine to give this carpet an exquisite appearance as well as the uniqueness and the durability of a traditional hand-woven silk carpet. The Silk Light Carpet can be conveniently washed with any carpet detergent at home without any side effects on its features such as form, color, texture, and aesthetics. moreover. it provides you with a marvelously pleasant environment free of static and sensitivity. This product is also highly resistant in the exposure to sunlight and erosion and it can be folded and carried conveniently and easily.