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Our Collection

ONYX Collection

ONYX Collection, our Signature collection, Soft and luxurious fiber to give striking colors as well as excellent stain resistance which gives the appearance and feel of silk with more than 2.000.000 points knotted on the back side of the carpets . Every modern minimalist house should feature an array of floor textiles and great carpet for quiet visual plays and for added originality and richness throughout. Take in how the minimalist living room above be shine with a complete harmony with interior space,By using our ONYX COLLECTION carpet we create full modern soul in any type of buildings whether old nor new built.Creating minimal space with minimal carpet in your interior allows you to show off your beautiful furniture, artwork and most prized possessions. A minimalist carpet can improve the visual appeal of your space as well as your decorative elements.

AURA Collection

AURA collection, touching of the silk arts. Modern design with the best quality of production. All about the SILKY shine and softness in modern designs.

OCÉAN Collection

OCÉAN collection by modern and minimal design with amazing SILKY shines use by our special materials inspire a special sense of calmness in your atmosphere.

PERSIA Collection

Persia collection by using the finest silk fiber, with 3.500.000 points, with the combination of hand finished and Persian designs made this such a beautiful eye catching art.

Feature of our Carpets

  • Zero Fiber Dust
  • Anti Static
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

Professional design team

We are not just a carpet seller!
Our professional design team is ready to give you the best advice in choosing of suitable carpet by computer design on your interior photo.

First try it in your place , Then pay!

You can choose your favorite design from our collections and order us to deliver it to your place and after your approval you can make the payment.

Exclusive producing

We produce carpets by specific design by the request order by represent a hotel, retail chain or other business in need of a greater number of carpets.

Best Price

All carpets are produced in our factory located in IRAN and imported to SERBIA Directly, by this way our prices are very suitable for any kind of carpet that you need.

Easy to wash

Our carpets can be conveniently washed with any carpet detergent at home Without any side effects on its features such as form, color.

Durability and Quality

Durability and quality are one of the most important factors in a carpet's specification that we have achieved the highest quality and durability for long-term use of carpets using a special formula.The Significant Process performed on the Raw Materials and the Specific Texture in the Resultant Product, Combine to give this carpet an exquisite appearance as well as the uniqueness and the durability of a traditional hand-woven silk carpet.

Silky shine

Silk carpets which is known worldwide for their luminosity and lightness ,are so expensive.and better to know that our poliesteric carpets has the same specifics with lower prices.

Variation in designs

We tried to provide full variation of designs that including modern and traditional.You can search and find the design and dimension which is the best for your interior.

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Contact Us

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